An international conference on the design of the Factory of the Future

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The conference will examine the equipment and systems that will play a part in the development of the factory of the future. The content will be of interest to academics, industrial engineers, manufacturing technologists and those involved in the design and development of existing and new and innovative manufacturing processes and systems.

Young academics and researchers are particularly encouraged to attend and there will be a 50% discount on all fees for attendees under 30 years old on the date of registration.

The conference will spread over two days and be divided into 2 hour themed sessions. Each session will be led by an industrial keynote speaker and include a combination of industrial and academic speakers.


Key Dates

Conference venue

AMRC Knowledge Transfer Centre

Advanced Manufacturing Park

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  • The Factory of the future vision
  • Machining and welding innovations
  • Innovative manufacturing processes
  • Robotics and automation
  • Sensor innovations
  • Modelling and simulating processes
  • Layout and systems
  • Management and decision making
  • Data handling and IT systems
  • Developing people

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